August 29, 2011

My Third Home?

Hey everyone ^_^
Happy Eid/IdulFitri/Aidilfitri for you all! So where did you go for Eid? Balik kampung? XDD

I did, alright. Since I lived in Yogyakarta, I had to go to Jakarta alone by train. It was a very first experience for me to travel on a public transport with no one familiar around, though, alhamdullilah, I arrived safely at my destination.

Yup, I'm visiting my parents in Jakarta. They were thrilled to see me, as do I, but sorry to say, my little brother acts as if I'm a stranger or something. I thought it was rather rude since we haven't met for nearly a month, but Mum stepped up and said defiantly: "He's just shy. You know kids like him. Whenever they meet someone they haven't met for a long time, they go shy and quiet."
I understood that feeling, though I don't feel at all shy meeting him. For goodness' sake, he's still the same annoying loving little brother.

Well, anyway, enough about him. I called up my two best friends in Jakarta and arranged a break fast together in Margo City tomorrow. It was a wonderful day. We got to chat EVERYTHING, starting from comparing schools, friends, lives and stuff. I missed them both so much.

Fast forwarding. We already have a plan to visit my third home, in Kuala Lumpur, though we don't live there anymore. But we love KL as 8 years of living has developed a passion for everything in there.

It was fabulous. It's already the fourth day here, and I'm really enjoying it. I regretted, though, not bringing my laptop with me. I can't do reviews on my books. Speaking of books, I bought lots here. My current favourites are: The Lottery and Little Darlings. I can't wait to review them. 5 STARS!! *0*

'nough said. Missing my laptop. See you on the next post and stay tuned!

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