March 7, 2011

This Is My Story: Mounting the Peak

This is My Story: Mounting the Peak

by Kania Puspaningrum on Monday, 07 March 2011 at 19:11
Is this a dream? I hope not. Because all those resistance I had tried so hard to obliterate, those little problems that somehow gave birth to bigger ones, have wasted my energy, my time, the painful lies I had to make, the frowns, and the tears. But it was worth it. I deserved it. Even now I could see the glint of gold in front of me, tantalizing me with its glory of possessing it, and tempting me as a child would feel when given the sweetest piece of Wonka chocolate ever. The man stepped on the stage, and I held my breath, waiting for me to announce my name, and also for the surge of exuberance and excitement of being given an Oscar trophy. But it did not. Not even when the audience clapped politely as the man handed to a dumbstruck me.

I clasped the cup nervously; suddenly at a loss of words. Feelings got better of me. Tears leaked out and my eyes sparkled like glass. My mouth opened, and out came a flurry of words.My brain refused to recite the words I had painstakingly memorized for this grand day. But the words that came out surprised me not, nor did I stop.

"It was truly a very great honour to be bestowed such a gift, and I thank God for giving me this golden chance I very much treasure. This I will never forget but when I arrived here, I had a funny feeling. I realised now that it was because of the beautiiful echoes bouncing in my head. The echoes of precious of words given by family and friends. I would have never reached the peak if my family had not, provided me with the necessities to survive, if my friends had not lent a hand whenever I encountered a precarious ledge of rocks and snow.

"Since my first week studying in English First, I knew where to go. I am extremely thankful of when they have done. I will not forget those soothing words. I cannot express my thank you enough. But i want you to know..."

I took a deep breath, and stared at the camera steadily.

"...I hold this trophy in the honour of my beloved family and friends. This is my wish. To be able to share happiness, and to lend a hand when needed."
I stepped off the podium, feeling strangely ampty after the spontanious speech. The audience clapped loudly, some even standing, but I did not notice.I was too relieved to do so.

'I want to win because submitting this, I think, are one of my paths leading up to the peak. Writing this had been a joy, and I wish to achieve the best. Thank you for guiding me, English First.'