November 6, 2012


Hey peeps!

 Just wanted to tell you all that I'm moving all activity to my other blog:

It's called Piceous of which the title is later explained on its first post :3

I just don't really like the layout of this website; too dark and too forlorn. However, you may still visit this site since I'm not reposting all the posts here :) *krik krik* -_-

Thank you and do head over to my other blog!

Much love,

February 9, 2012

Smile smile smile!

Hi! It's been ages since I've posted! Not surprising really, because I don't often get a lot of time. When I do, I nearly always waste it on non-productive things like lying on my bed, or surfing the internet, reading online comic and all that useless waste. Bleh. Nowadays, reading books is like a really long tiring marathon. It's nice and interesting, you know it, but when you do have the time to read it, you'll go 'Oh maybe later.' and it goes on and on. I feel really ashamed of myself as reading is one of my daily staples of life, and how can I survive without reading a single book in a week?

It's torture. Homeworks are killing us, teachers seem to be threatening us with quizzes, hissing and biting like snakes, spikes and thorns appear, making scars and make us bleed tears... But that is life. I suppose I have to drag myself to the positive side now.

Grraaah. There. Yay I'm happy! Did you know the muscle to smile is a lot lesser than the muscles it takes to frown? So smile, and be happy! Even though there's nothing to be happy about, just smile! It's infectious, you know, smiles. Yes you, dear, you, smile. Now! Even if you can't stop what you're doing now, pause, and smile for a little while. Because all the little things have to be appreciated. Because that is what we live for. :)

That is all for now! I have to be careful in what I say, since this certainly isn't a personal diary, but a public blog everyone can see :) Sharing for all you beautiful people out there! Smile and find someone to laugh with ! Loveyou!

November 27, 2011

Weird Day

Weirdest day ever starts from when I visited my cousin’s new house. After visiting her house, me and my cousin drove off to Amplas to watch Breaking Dawn. Now it’s starting. The weirdness.
We entered the 21 cinema to buy the tickets. Like you can guess, it’s awfully crowded. So many people of various shapes and sizes. Cousin Icha had her phone literally glued to her ear as she chatted with Kak Nazar, a senior from her school. We were actually standing in different lines in case one should be the first faster. I was kind of alone, with my cousin beside me in another line, constantly talking forever to her phone. It was noisy, and I tried not to look like a fool, pretending to be cool as I typed vigorously on my red Vivaz.
We finally reached the end of the line and ordered tickets for 2:15 PM. About two and quarter hours more to go. Just great. We sat on a bench, and I kind of looked stupid. Sitting there while my cousin droned endlessly about who knows what and what knows who. Of course, the only source of entertainment was my phone so I ended up typing more notes.
After ten minutes, she finally closed her phone and rolling my eyes, we got up and started to stroll aimlessly between the throngs of crowd. I got my hair done yesterday, so I was constantly swishing it here and – Oops. My bad. I’m sorry. It’s rare that my hair looks actually fine, instead of the familiar frizzes and annoying curls.
Anyway, throughout the wondering about, we bought some cupcakes (Yes, and they looked uber cute) (Oh and I think it’ll work for a cool birthday present 8D ) and a Gogirl magazine. Too bad they didn’t have TeenVogue. Else I would have bought that, no matter what the price.

I actually wanted to buy a new pair of shoes to replace my boring red unfashionable ones, but unfortunately I had not enough money with me and my cousin said that there was no Mandiri bank here that I could extract my money from. (Which is untrue due to the fact that after the trip my aunt said there was.) And so there goes away my chance.  Bye-bye Converse.
After aimless wondering, we settled on a bench and I opened my Gogirl.
Oh, what is that you say? This is crap? Well I guess so, since all this is unimportant. Let me get straight to the point. What made today weird was what my cousin said to me. And her constant chatting with her senior got me thinking.
Plus, the movie was part of it as well.
Ah, the movie. I’m saving it for a review, which you’ll find above this post. Read it already? Oh good. Rate it if you have enough time.

Thank you. ^_^

November 9, 2011

Book Review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for dear Olivia for letting me borrow it and immersing myself deep within Mr. Morgenstern’s world.

I assure you, this book is like no other. I’d have to rate it 5 stars, because of all the fantasies. It’s like stepping into Dreamland, only a million times better. This book will encourage you to let go of all senses and delve deep into Celia Bowen and Marco Alisdair’s imaginative world.

Next thing is that The Night Circus is the first ever romance-genred book that I love. I don’t remember telling you this, so I’ll tell you now: I’m not the person who’s into romance so much, and I prefer fantasy out of all genres, but this book really beats it.

Celia and Bowen got me pumping every now and then, and I found myself jumping with joy whenever I notice that they’re in the same chapters.
Woah, but before that, a brief summary.

Celia Bowen. Daughter of a famous illusionist and magician, known as the Propietor. Almost certainly, this six-year-old girl was immediately tutored by her father. The same goes with the nine-year-old Marco Alisdair, except that he was tutored by a certain man wearing a grey suit and goes by the name Mr. A. H.

This two lovers get entwined in a game raging between their two tutors; an invisible game with vague rules that they’re supposed to win, with one of them supposed to be dead in order for the game to end. And how is it supposed to end when they get tangled in the threads of innocent, deep, magical love?

This story is like Twilight and Harry Potter mixed in together, and it’s an extremely enchanting light read. I recommend for those who loves romance, and definitely for those Harry Potter fanatic fans.

It’s magical, beautiful, haunting, fantastical, awesome, enchanting, wonderful, breath-taking, amazing, extraordinary and an absolute masterpiece.

5 stars, Mr. Morgenstern. Five stars. 

September 11, 2011

The Things That Keep Us Here - Book Review

 The book cover I have. Actually, I loved the cover; it emphasizes the gloom and darkness and the bald trees speak it all.
 The newest cover of the book The Things That Keep Us Here. You can find a bigger version in the website. Or, even better, BUY YOUR OWN!! XD
Yay! Big! This the cover I loved the most and I wished I have this version. The picture is beautifully spoken and the quotes accompanies it very nicely. It spices the things up even before you leafed the pages! Sometimes, quotes like this work better rather than a description which is usually behind the book. But, that is my POV, anyway. Okay, enough talking, let me get reviewing.

"Truthfully, this book has all the genres you need to have. Suspense, thriller, non-fiction (though the only thing fictional are the characters, that does not stop you from reading it!), literature, romance and family problems. If there was such a genre, I'd add in togetherness.

Overall, it is scary. The fact that you're trapped in a house with an invisible lethal monster out on the loose isn't at all comforting. Especially when the power is turned off and you're on your own.

Anyway, the book starts off with Ann Brooks, an ordinary housewife, driving home from her father-in-law's funeral and at the end of the prologue, realized that her marriage has dissolved and lied askew among the word 'divorce'.

In this story, they are told that they are in Phase Four. After a few pages, Phase Five had started and schools and universities are shut down. Ann Brooks fought her way in the supermarket with Libby, her best friend. When the power turned off, they were forced to do what their ancestors did. Hand-wash clothes, hand-wash the dishes, eat with the candlelight, and the freezing cold. With the rationed foods they had and the disease out there, they have to work together, and keep together. For nothing is all safe out there, even the people they know, the people they love.

Ann Brooks faces several impossible decisions that will lead to life or death. Even opening the door to her best friend has become a dilemma to this normal housewife. Should she open the door and risk it all...?"

Well. Very exciting, don't you think?? This story is based on science and... I know, I know, for some, science is pretty boring compared to chic lit (which I must strongly disagree), but I assure you, I guarantee that this kind of science will make you drool for more, make you shiver in disgust and in fear. This is a page-turning book, a book that you will never put it down until you've finished it. (Unless your mother gets really angry about having to call you several times, you'll have to forcefully put the book down.) So you'll need time to read this book for it's a 400 page book. I finished it in three days, maybe one if I had the time, but I was quite busy. Anyway, I was really really sad when it was over. Not sad because of the ending, of course! Sad because the story was over. But I suppose a sequel will ruin it (But definitely not HP, Septimus Heap and other series I love), and besides the epilogue was a relieving finish.

But keep an eye out if Carla Buckley decides to write a book again.

Ten stars for this. Strongly recommended for those who adores science and family dilemmas.