February 9, 2012

Smile smile smile!

Hi! It's been ages since I've posted! Not surprising really, because I don't often get a lot of time. When I do, I nearly always waste it on non-productive things like lying on my bed, or surfing the internet, reading online comic and all that useless waste. Bleh. Nowadays, reading books is like a really long tiring marathon. It's nice and interesting, you know it, but when you do have the time to read it, you'll go 'Oh maybe later.' and it goes on and on. I feel really ashamed of myself as reading is one of my daily staples of life, and how can I survive without reading a single book in a week?

It's torture. Homeworks are killing us, teachers seem to be threatening us with quizzes, hissing and biting like snakes, spikes and thorns appear, making scars and make us bleed tears... But that is life. I suppose I have to drag myself to the positive side now.

Grraaah. There. Yay I'm happy! Did you know the muscle to smile is a lot lesser than the muscles it takes to frown? So smile, and be happy! Even though there's nothing to be happy about, just smile! It's infectious, you know, smiles. Yes you, dear, you, smile. Now! Even if you can't stop what you're doing now, pause, and smile for a little while. Because all the little things have to be appreciated. Because that is what we live for. :)

That is all for now! I have to be careful in what I say, since this certainly isn't a personal diary, but a public blog everyone can see :) Sharing for all you beautiful people out there! Smile and find someone to laugh with ! Loveyou!