November 9, 2011

Book Review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for dear Olivia for letting me borrow it and immersing myself deep within Mr. Morgenstern’s world.

I assure you, this book is like no other. I’d have to rate it 5 stars, because of all the fantasies. It’s like stepping into Dreamland, only a million times better. This book will encourage you to let go of all senses and delve deep into Celia Bowen and Marco Alisdair’s imaginative world.

Next thing is that The Night Circus is the first ever romance-genred book that I love. I don’t remember telling you this, so I’ll tell you now: I’m not the person who’s into romance so much, and I prefer fantasy out of all genres, but this book really beats it.

Celia and Bowen got me pumping every now and then, and I found myself jumping with joy whenever I notice that they’re in the same chapters.
Woah, but before that, a brief summary.

Celia Bowen. Daughter of a famous illusionist and magician, known as the Propietor. Almost certainly, this six-year-old girl was immediately tutored by her father. The same goes with the nine-year-old Marco Alisdair, except that he was tutored by a certain man wearing a grey suit and goes by the name Mr. A. H.

This two lovers get entwined in a game raging between their two tutors; an invisible game with vague rules that they’re supposed to win, with one of them supposed to be dead in order for the game to end. And how is it supposed to end when they get tangled in the threads of innocent, deep, magical love?

This story is like Twilight and Harry Potter mixed in together, and it’s an extremely enchanting light read. I recommend for those who loves romance, and definitely for those Harry Potter fanatic fans.

It’s magical, beautiful, haunting, fantastical, awesome, enchanting, wonderful, breath-taking, amazing, extraordinary and an absolute masterpiece.

5 stars, Mr. Morgenstern. Five stars.