July 16, 2011

Time is irreversible.

What do you know about time?
That it's forever changing,
Eternally moving,
Never stopping?

Sometimes, we heed to its call.
Other times we wish
To delve in the past
To taste its luxurious waters
And not to ever see 
The present again.

But there are some
Whose past are dirty
Dark and unforgivable.
Whose touch is cold
Compared to the warming rain
Drowning the sky 
Mixing in with the tears.

The present.
Where what you think and feel
Exists now and then.
Your feats and motives
Whatever they are, they're here.
A second ago, they are the past.
This very moment
Is your present.

Do you wish to trek down 
The lane of memories
Where candies and laughter remain
Where you were once a child
Forever submerged under its 
Sweet waters?

Or the unseen path of future?
Lit by stranded hopes of light
Expectations and wishes hovering by
Where only you can decide what's best
For you and that ethereal route?

Let not the past steal you
From the present ray of light
Let not it change you 
To be a greedy child in perpetuity of the previous
Let not it devour you
To be something no more of an empty shell
Lest you seek sugared memories now and then
A victim of the precedent you must not be.

Hopes grow 
Hopes die
The field of future is enlarging every time
It needs not only promises and surmises
Achievement is required, as well as
Supporting family and friends
For who else is there besides them?
To accompany you through the unbelievable,
Love and friendship is demanded.

Yes, the time is ever-changing
And every hour, every minute, every second
Is ticking
Do what you must need
Do what you must try
Because time is irreversible.

Saphira Veera

Alright, so it was a long...poem? Story? Whatever it was, I hope you sought for meaning. I learned from it as well, for it applies the same for everyone, including me. I owe so much to Leonnie Lim-senpai (Check out her facebook account here: http://www.facebook.com/leonnie.lim) Her notes are just so very impressive. I admire her writing skills.

Of course, this kind of note requires experience and understanding. So this was written from my point of view, but I sincerely hope that you all could comprehend what I was trying to say.

Soo... Let's get back to the topic in hand. (Not that it was out of topic, but.. Grrrr.)
I'm A SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLER! Exciting it may be, but as I stated earlier, my future, in my POV is blurry. So I'll take my words and work my way up to the top!

:DD Well, I guess I lost some of the words I wanted to write just now due to the poem/story/whateveritwas,
so I have to end this now. Bye, everyone~ I hope you enjoyed this post. ^_^


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