June 27, 2011


Huwaa! This is so awesome!! My first ever Japanese Festival!! I was so excited when I saw the commotion from the Fest, and the crowds were pulsing slowly in the heat, but, heck, WHO CARES?!

I jumped out from the car and made my way to the first stall. My eyes darted here and there, not really landing on to a specific thing, just amazed and awed by the things they were selling and the number of people shopping in the Fest. As I passed the stall, I turned my head and I squealed. Guess why I squealed? AN EXTREMELY CUTE RITSU PLUSHIE!! I rushed over and touched it fondly. The seller said something about the only plushie available in the stall now, so with one movement from my begging eyes, my Mom bought it for me. I mean, I have money, but in that way, I wouldn't have to spend ALL of my money.

Let's see, I'll just summarize of the things I bought.
1. The Ritsu plushie
2. An unknown anime-themed fan
3. A really cute PUREZENTO pencil case
4. A ''-------"   PUREZENTO keychain
5. An onigiri handbag with different expressions
6. A Ciel keychain
7. A Kuroshitsuji flash phone strap

Nice collection, am satisfied, but I still regretted not buying my Mugi nendo. And the Azusa figma. I bet it's original, because the price was sky-rocketing. As expected.

Anyway, my first ever JFest was amazing. I did not get the okonomiyaki, though I loved the mochis. I'll definitely attend another one soon!!